Meet the owner



Hi, my name is Donna Zienowicz,

     As with most modern quilters, I have an extremely busy lifestyle including a fulltime job, a home, pets, and an active family.  So finding time to spend both shopping for all the essential quilting needs and actual sewing time can be quite a challenge.  My experience working and teaching at my favorite quilt shop has shown me I am not alone. 

     With a true understanding that your time is very valuable, I’ve designed my business to help you to alleviate your driving time and get right to the fun.  How?  By bringing the quilt shop to you and your friends.  I’m so excited to introduce my business and offer you my hand selected and assembled kits as well as many other quilting needs.

     The idea is to gather quilters together to create both a fun, social atmosphere and share in the excitement of shopping for your quilting needs. 

    A Lacire event can be held almost anywhere, a host’s home, a guild meeting place, a retreat or even a conference room at a work place! 

      Thank you for taking time to read this  and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

     Call or email me today to book a Lacire gathering!!


Donna Z

Lacire Designs

Owner, Event Planner