Excited to book an event? Here's How!


#1 Choose a Date, Time and Location.

Check out this website's "Upcoming Events" where a listing of all the events booked in the future will be displayed.  This will help you see what dates are available for bookings. 

Locations can be your home, a guild meeting, a craft fair, any where quilters and their friends like to gather.


#2 Contact your Lacire Designs Party Planner

There are two simple ways to contact a Lacire Party Planner:

  1.  Use the "Contact Us" section of this site to send an email.

  2.  Call us at 1-855-4-LACIRE.


#3 Enjoy the benefits!!

Enjoy the benefits of hosting a Lacire Event.  Benefits for you and your guests include, but not limited to!

  1.  Kits galore as well as other suppies.

  2.  Discounts for all! 

  3.  Gift Certificate give aways!

  4.  Chances to win fun & useful items!